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Visum et Repertum Pada Korban Hidup

06 May

Dedi Afandi

Bagian Ilmu Kedokteran Forensik dan Medikolegal

Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Riau


Visum et Repertum (VeR) is a medicolegal report which is made by a doctor in his capacity as an expert, due to an official request from an authorized law officer of what that were seen and found on the examination object while remembering the doctor’s oath.  Visum et Repertum (VeR) for living victims are the most frequent form of assistance requested by investigating officers compared to other kinds of VeR, such as VeR  of physical injuries and VeR of sexual assaulted victims. About 50%-70% of cases that come to a hospital especially to the emergency room are physical trauma or injuries cases. The objective of a forensic examination on a living victim is to know the cause of injuries and the severity level of the injuries. This is meant to fulfill the formulation offence in Indonesian’s Penal Code (KUHP). A VeR basically is a compilation and its interpretation of a forensic medical examination as well as a physical examination on a routine medical examination. a VeR should not only fulfill the writing standard, but must also fulfill several terms and conditions for a court system.  A good quality VeR has a certain structure and standard.

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Sekitar 50-70% kasus yang datang ke rumah sakit terutama di instalasi gawat darurat adalah kasus perlukaan atau trauma. Luka-luka ini dapat terjadi akibat dari kecelakaan, penganiayaan, bunuh diri, bencana, maupun terorisme.1 Seorang dokter, dalam tugas sehari-harinya, selain melakukan pemeriksaan diagnostik serta memberikan pengobatan dan perawatan kepada pasien juga mempunyai tugas melakukan pemeriksaan medik untuk membantu penegakan hukum, baik untuk korban hidup maupun korban mati antara lain adalah adalah pembuatan Visum et Repertum (VeR).2

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